DLR Visualization LIBRARY 2

The DLR Visualization 2 library is a commercial Modelica library from DLR-SR providing an advanced model integrated visualization for Modelica models, especially in the mechanical, fluid and electrical area. The components are available for offline, online, and real-time animation and are usually attached to a Modelica model with a Frame connector of the MultiBody library. The library provides 100+ blocks for all kinds of different visualization applications and is commercially available via LTX. A free community version can be downloaded here on this site with this link:


  • Parametrical shapes (boxes, spheres, gearwheels, springs etc.)
  • CAD files (current formats: glb, 3ds, obj, stl)
  • (Georeferenced) terrain databases

  • Flexible surfaces with texture (image and video, render to texture of camera image)
  • Flexible, free deformable CAD models

  • Cameras, free movable or fully controlled by the simulation
  • Multiple views on the scene, e.g. picture in picture
  • Stereo view possible
  • Fullscreen and multi-monitor support
  • Support for OpenVR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) for effortless VR simulations

  • 2D Overlays such as lines, polygons, textures
  • Predefined elements such as graphs, maps and diagrams
  • GUI elements such as buttons, slider, checkboxes, etc. for interactive simulations


  • Visualization of energy/mass flow paths (straight line, curved, spline)
  • Flow distribution networks (e.g. valves, pumps, junctions)
  • Video export in the most common video formats as H.264, H.265, WMV and MPEG4
  • Automatic video export / screenshots during after the end of the simulation

Usage of the Library:

Application Examples