DLR Optimization LIBRARY

The Optimization library is fully integrated in Dymola to define and solve nonlinear multi-criteria parameter and trajectory optimization problems mainly based on simulations of Modelica models. The Optimization library offers several sophisticated numerical optimization algorithms for solving different kinds of optimization tasks. The library supports continuous and discrete parameters, several model operating points and optimal control problems. Computational performance of optimization runs is significantly increased by parallel simulations of the Modelica model on multicore machines or a computing cluster. The problem definition and the optimization process is interacitvely controlled by the user.
The library is commercially available at LTX and Dassault Systems.


  • Automatic simulation of a Modelica model with different model parameters
  • Typical usage: model parameter identification, controller parameter optimization, parameter sweeps
  • Multi criteria definitions

  • Automatic simulation of a Modelica model in several operating points with different model parameters
  • Combined model parameter identification for several operating points
  • Combinded controller parameter optimization for several operating points
  • Multi criteria definitions

  • Automatic simulation of a Modelica model with different input signals (trajectories)
  • Typical usage: optimal control problems, path optimization
  • Multi criteria definitions

  • GUI based optimization problem definition (free parameters/variables, criteria, scaling, numerical methods, …)
  • Intermediate results during optimization run
  • Graphical representation of several criteria

  • Modelica criteria models
  • Assess system performance or signal properties
  • Direct usage in optimization models

  • Parallel simulation of a Modelica model
  • Different model parameter values for each run
  • Support for multi-core machines and computing clusters